Ankitha Gadag



Ankitha is a master in setting up Agile projects from scratch and understands project/program delivery to its core. She helped kickstart one of our critical native cloud based product development engagements for a top information services customer. Ankitha has a solid analytical and technical background necessary for a program manager to connect the dots in a complex solution with heavy system integration. Ankitha understands the team dynamics necessary for a successful project, by establishing a strong rapport with the team and understanding their unique individual traits, she connects with them genuinely.

 - Manu Agarwal
Delivery Partner Executive


Ankitha Gadag was brought on originally as a Client Engagement Manager, but she became much more.  In addition to her consulting duties, she was able to help our small startup get off of the ground with a new ITSM solution, as well as helping us more fully embrace Agile methodology.  When Ankitha designed a PMO framework to bring to new customers, she showed that she was a true rock-star.  She is incredibly well organized and an absolute pleasure to work with. 

 - Nick Hill
Executive Program Manager


"Working with Ankitha was a fantastic experience. When Ankitha came on board to assist us with strategic project management her impact was felt immediately. She has a real talent for making a complex situation approachable. We were able to track against her scheduling and meet our deadlines with a higher level of efficiency and success rate than before working with her. I would absolutely work with her again and highly recommend her. "

 - Natalie Burge
Director of Brand Experience


"Rarely does one get to work with someone as capable as Ankitha. She was an instrumental team member for the successful creation of our Project Management Office. She is well organized, a great communicator, with the ability motivate teams to successfully complete commitments."

- Alan Smith
       Director of Application Development


"As our DevOps team needed to support the launch of a major new company brand, Ankitha organized and led the internal and external teams to deliver the brands new Digital Launch on time with the new store launch. Her dedication and organization was paramount to the successful delivery for this brand"

- Joey Brown
Digital Tech Delivery Optimization Leader


"Ankitha has a deep understanding of the IT product delivery cycle, which allows her to manage the several moving parts and proactively identify project risk. One of Ankitha’s greatest strengths is her ability to react to the present environment and creatively find a path forward. Aetna formed a strategic partnership with a financial company to deliver a digital wallet for healthcare product to the market. Ankitha played a critical role in this project including a dual-role as Business Analyst and Project Manager. She was instrumental in helping the financial institution understand the nuances of healthcare payments." 


- John Pryor
Vice President of Technology Operations